Contango Markets really are different to the usual breed...

We are derivatives experts as we have hands-on experience of running businesses through changing environments.

We get to the right people faster thanks to our unrivalled network of contacts, built up over three decades...this network affords clients the opportunity to stay "below the radar" in sensitive situations.

We not only understand the product throughout its lifecycle but also the operations, technology and regulation that sit alongside it - at any point in the product lifecycle. This means that we are able to relate issues across 'silos' to provide our customers with the most comprehensive development and support infrastructure available in the wholesale financial markets.

We don't waste your money by learning on your time. We already know it.

One of our key strengths is our ability to work covertly due to the broad nature of our business and our wide range of customers. This offers our customers the opportunity to withhold their identities until they are ready to divulge that information. We have found on many occasions that this allows them to take the strategic decision without the glare of the market (and media) spotlight and results in a more cohesive and formulated approach when the strategy is rolled out.

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