We consult and advise on:

  • Building contracts from concept right through to rule-book and launch, which can range from the very bespoke OTC type product through to a full portfolio of contracts for a global exchange

  • Adding extra asset classes to an existing service suite

  • Research potential for new and existing products and asset classes, including detailed tailor-made reports

  • RFP construction and vendor choice for trading venues and market participants

  • Managing and delivering operational change projects

  • Reviewing clearing and settlement processes for international trading venues

  • Building clearing house operations

  • Developing functional specifications for market participants and technology companies

  • Working with technology companies to make their products more relevant to the marketplace

  • Enabling clients to make informed choices on front, middle and back office technology

  • Reviewing architecture for both providers and users

  • Creating and managing RFPs, acquisition, implementation and process improvements

  • Assessing the commercial impact of regulatory change

  • Reviewing and benchmarking existing regulations against international standards

  • Assessing regulatory reporting structure and implementing new systems

  • Analysing regulatory requirements for new market entry

  • Marketing and Communications

    • Measuring market awareness of your product
    • Increasing market share
    • Introducing companies to new customers
    • Establishing strategic partnerships
    • Providing marketing advice, press relations and representation
  • Training and Education

    • In-house or external training
    • Flexibility to offer anything from highly tailored bespoke programmes to simple off the shelf courses
    • Added value through the hands on experience of the trainers
    • Subjects cover all aspects of the exchange-traded and OTC derivatives markets, beginner to advanced levels, and results benchmarking
  • M&A Advisory

    • Strategy – buy or build?
    • Target identification
    • Due diligence
    • Support during bid process
  • Expert Witness

Our knowledge
and diverse expertise

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