Managing operational change and delivering efficiency throughout the transaction lifecycle

Contango Operations aims to help market participants tackle operational issues across the transaction lifecycle in the ETD and OTC derivatives markets, particularly those posed by the regulatory change agenda. We undertake projects ranging from identifying and solving specific issues through to the setting up of new business lines or start up activities.

We Offer

  • Post trade expertise in clearing and collateral management across a range of asset classes and clearing houses
  • Analysis, integration and implementation of technology for ETD and OTC derivatives- front to back office - from complete system replacements through to trading platform upgrades, new product additions and amendments
  • Ensuring compliance at business, trading and technology level - throughout the life cycle
  • Advice on connectivity issues and efficiency in the front, middle and back offices and ensuring cost-effectiveness in technology use
  • Expertise in transaction reporting through efficient technology
  • Setting up of new office and business line infrastructure

What sets us apart from the crowd?

Our immensely experienced team has a deep knowledge of operations, technology and the regulations that sit alongside them.

  • We can connect issues across 'silos' to provide customers with comprehensive development and support infrastructure.
  • Crucially, we already have the knowledge and experience, so clients can rest assured we won't waste their money by learning on their time.

Contact Contango on

+44 (0)7931 372586

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